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Please click on the screen arrow link to view a video on Dot Putter presented by inventor Kevin O'Neill.

When filming, this video had a real life happy ending. We wanted to finish it showing Kevin's own technique when using his Dot Putter to sink a 30 foot putt. He duly lined it up and sank the putt in one take. Our cameraman then informed us the camera angle was not quite right and asked him to do it again. He did it again. Also in one take.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Kevin O’Neill. I’m the inventor of the Dot Putter and Director of the Smart Golf Putting Institute in Victoria, Australia. I have the unusual qualifications of being a maths teacher by training and a Master Golf Teacher with the World Golf Teacher’s Federation. I’m a putting specialist and I bring the principles of maths and science to the art of putting to get better outcomes for all my clients, both amateurs and professionals.

Most golf teaching professionals, myself included, believe that the eyes-over-the-ball is the ideal putting setup. Golf putters that I’ve seen have a line on the top plain, which gives some idea of target line, but not as good as when you have a two plain system.

This two plain system allows you to get the ideal head-over-the-ball situation. This allows for a really smooth, consistent stroke which will make you a more confident putter.

Most putters in the world I found are one dimensional and it’s really hard to get a true eye over the ball position. Our putter is different. Our design has got a slit on the top and holes on the bottom. It’s hollow through this section, and what we find is that, just like a rifle sight, you look through the top, you line up the holes at the bottom and you get a true aim, and this will allow you to be a more consistent putter.

And now that we’ve made the best alignment putter in the world, we didn’t stop there. We used SAM Puttlab and the twenty-eight parameters that it measures to design an even better golf club.

The grip is ergonomic. It’s leather, it suits your hand beautifully. We give you a choice of shaft length. We’ve got this hosel set at the right lie angle, and at the face we have one and half degrees of loft, just to give a really good roll. And the lines that you see here give you an excellent feel.

And one last caution, word of warning, no matter how good this putter is - you’re still going to have to practice. Good luck!

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