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Best Putting Aids

The DOT PLX® Parallax Putter is designed to provide you with the correct, repeatable putting stroke to improve your game. Putting is the cornerstone of every great round of golf and the best way to cap off your scoresheet is a consistent outcome on the green with both long and short putts.

How can using the DOT PLX® 2D Parallax for putting aid your game?

You don't need to spend additional money buying golf putting aids to assist with shot alignment. DOT PLX® has a revolutionary built-in 2D Parallax Alignment system that helps you with your stance, positioning and confidence to take on those big putts. It's perfectly suitable for the professional and beginner alike. Our specially designed club is the perfect way to get you technique back on track. We strive to offer the best putter on the market.

Thirteen horizontal grooves in the clubface provide maximum traction so that the putter and ball always connect smoothly, giving you the best chance of making the shot with maximum roll. The DOT PLX® is the best golf putter for removing inconsistences in your game by effectively eliminating problems with your stance and poor shot making that can be caused by poor head position placement. Most of all, it aids putting by providing you with the peace of mind that comes with having ideally aligned shots from a repeatable stance and head position.

Some tips to help improve your game without the need to buy putting aids:

Practice: Like they say, makes perfect. You've got to keep working on your shots to improve, even the best putter can’t do it all.

Learn the green: Learning how to read the green will greatly improve your game. Knowing how to judge the cut and speed allows you to focus on perfecting your swing routine.

Comfortable grip: A relaxed, comfortable grip will add stability to your routine and aid consistent putting. The Dot Putter works with all the commonly taught grips including overlap, reverse overlap and claw grips.

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