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How to Putt Better

Are you constantly wondering ‘how to putt better’? Watch the '7 Secrets Of Putting' videos below from Kevin O'Neill, MGTF Master Instructor and inventor of the Dot Putter. Each video tackles one aspect of putting technique, helping you to build up your skills slowly and confidently, improving your overall putting game.

In addition to these great tips, you need to remember the two basics of a great golfing technique:

  • PRACTICE: Like all disciplines, practice makes perfect. You have to constantly work on your strokes and improve. Even pros on tour spend countless hours fine tuning their putting.
  • ROUTINE: With practice comes routine. Watch any professional golfer and it's like watching a video replay on repeat. They have a finely tuned, beat-by-beat routine that they go through every time they putt. A routine builds the confidence and familiarity to end up with a 'grooved' putting stroke for consistent results.

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