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Known as 'The Professor Of Putting', Kevin O'Neill operates in Victoria, Australia as a club pro specialising in putting. A mathematics teacher by training, Kevin is also one of only three Master Golf Teachers Federation instructors qualified in Australia. This combination resulted in the 'light bulb moment' that conceived the revolutionary new 2D Parallax Aligment System. The complete Dot Putter was subsequently developed utilising SAM Puttlab, which uses ultrasound to measure 28 separate parameters of the putting action to arrive at optimum head weight, peripheral weighting, lie angle, face angle and putting grip to suit both amateurs and professionals alike.

Why Buy a Dot Putter?

It really just comes down to one thing. You get the world’s best putter alignment system that guarantees your head is directly over the ball and your stance is such that your putting stroke hits the ball on the upswing at the equator to impart maximum roll every single time you putt. Please click on How it Works to view our patented 2D Parallax Alignment System in action

The best putters amongst the touring pros have mostly got to this happy state by hitting hundreds more practice putts than the average club golfer has time to do and thus as with their other clubs have ‘grooved’ their putting stroke and stance to the ideal, or pretty close to it. The DOT PLX® 2D Parallax Putter guarantees you the exact, correct ‘head over the ball’ position every time on both long and short putts by taking potential 'stance and head position' errors out of the equation to enable you to make a consistently correct putting stroke, with maximum roll on both long and short putts.

Now you have a repeatable putting stroke, all you need to concentrate on now is target line and strength of putt. And that’s hard enough!

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