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New Dot Plx® 2d Parallax Putter – 2 Dimensional Alignment Breakthrough

The DOT PLX® is a peripheral weighted golf putter featuring a polished stainless steel face machined with thirteen horizontal grooves that form a perfect oval sweet spot that imparts maximum roll when impacting the centre of the ball on the up stroke of the putting action.

Excellence in any field is achieved through practice and repetition. The world-patented DOT PLX® 2D Parallax Alignment System will ensure that the head is directly over the target line and that a correct and properly aligned putting stroke is replicated every single time, eliminating alignment variation from your putting game. The DOT PLX® is the ideal golf putter for reliably imparting a target line stroke with consistent roll on both long and short putts.

Many golfers focus so much on making the big power drives that their short game suffers. The DOT PLX® is here to add a simple to use, expertly designed golf putter to your bag and put the focus back on making those all-important clutch putts. Remember, over 38% of shots in the average round are putts!/p>

The DOT PLX®putter will help with the following:

  • Putt with confidence
  • Putt to win
  • Avoid 3-putting
  • Cure the yips
  • Lock in the ideal putting stroke


If you're interested in taking your putting game to the next level contact your nearest DOT PLX® retailer or logon to our online store to experience the benefits and confidence that comes with consistently making more putts.

USA Patent 7611419 B2 European Patent 1982751 B1 Australian Patent 2007 253544 Design Registrations pending in Japan, China & Korea.

DOT PLX and PLX 2D PARALLAX ALIGNMENT are registered Trade Marks.

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