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What Is The Best Putter?

It's not uncommon for people to buy a full set of golf clubs and be perfectly content. The one club of choice that invariably changes is the putter. That elusive question of – what is the best golf putter? It can drive a player mad. The best putter will give your game the stability needed to improve.

The best putter is the one that delivers you the right attitude and confidence to take the game on and play at your best. Great golf is as much about confidence as it is about skill. Confidence can be generated from success, no matter the task. When you practice and play with a Dot Putter DOT PLX®2D Parallax Putter you'll notice an upswing in your results and that will drive your confidence, on course self-esteem and improve your shot making in leaps and bounds. Enjoy the benefits of using one of the best putters on the market.

Many professional players on tour are turning to either long, belly or custom putters to combat the 'yips'. Correct technique and confidence will always win the day. Be realistic and know that your golfing form line will go up and down; you just have to ride it out. Resorting to an expensive custom putter isn't necessary with Dot Putter's practical, affordable and – and most importantly proven - solution – the DOT PLX®.

Key considerations when searching for the best putter on the market for you are:

Weight: It's ideal to have the perfect, comfortable weight in your hands

Shaft Length : The length is critical to finding the best putter for your height and stance

Balance: Critical to achieving a reliable and repetitive putting stroke

Head shape: It needs to feel comfortable, but also look good. Head shape design is a booming business in golf right now

Dot Putter strives to be the answer to the question 'what is the best putter?' by taking the above considerations into account and expertly crafting one of the best putters on the market to suit the majority of golfers.

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